Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Facebook May Encourage Robbery and Break Ins

I recently read an article about a house robbery that eventually led back to someones Facebook status telling those following them that they were heading to a concert for the evening (or: hey, my house will be empty from 7-10pm tonight if your looking for some things to steal).  At first thought, one might be shocked to hear this.  However, in this instance, the Facebooker trusted and accepted too many people.  They had accepted friend requests without thinking through the invitation.  Apparently an old high school friend connected with her and was in tough times and needed some quick cash.  So, after seeing her post and knowing where she lived (he was a local neighbor), he headed over to grab some goods.  Two things jump out here as take away as everyone around us posts more updates to their Facebook and Twitter feeds: 1) don't publicly tell everyone your headed out on vacation, etc. via a live itnternet feed, and 2) think through who you accept as a friend on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media connections.  It's an easy mistake to make, but an easier one to prevent.

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