Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Recent Shooting Prompts Thought for Neighborhood Action

A recent shooting in our neighborhood made me realize there's not many options to prevent random acts of violence.  They are tragic, unfortunate, and leave everyone feeling bad.  However, is there a way to prevent future events?  Perhaps.  As the progression of video surveillance systems become more cost effective and easier to install, it might just be feasible to come together as a neighborhood and setup a few video cameras that would together, act as a layer of defense and aid in the collection of evidence if something were to happen.  Setting such a system up might entail two corner neighbors and one or two houses in the middle of the block.  A few simple cameras placed strategically within a block could cover who comes and goes, catch vandalism, thieves, someone casing an area and then returning, or just provide solid evidence when no one was around to see what was happening.  These Security Camera Systems might be a good start -- and something to consider - either as a home owner, or a neighborhood watch.

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